We supply and install the following:

– Cold rooms
– Freezer rooms
– Supermarket cases
– Ice machines
– Island freezer cases
– Bottle coolers
– Temperature control system
– Beer cooling systems
– Serve overs
– Dual temperature cabinets
– Chillers
– Blast chillers
– Pack systems
– Gycol Systems

Refrigerant Phaseout


Following on from the R22 F-Gas ban, between 2015 and 2030, the EU has set out the above timeline for phasing down the use of the most harmful F-Gases.

The F-Gases being phased down are HFCs. Whilst HFCs don’t damage the ozone layer, they do contribute to global warming – a topical global news item after the recent Paris Agreement. As a result, the EU has grouped these HFC F-Gases by their global warming potential (GWP) – as shown in the table below – with the F-Gases with the highest GWP being the first to go. Initially the service ban date will apply to the use of virgin gases, however a complete service ban will follow, 10 years hence.


What does this mean for me?


With dates now firmly set and cards firmly marked, F-Gases in the very high GWP group will become more, scarce, increase in price and as a result, prove more difficult to source and locate spare unit parts.

With it not being wise to install new systems with F-Gases in the very high GWP group or carry out substantial modifications, it is advisable to choose a gas in consultation with the table below and your F-Gas trained service engineer.

Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACAs) can help meet the cost of new equipment, should it be desired. The scheme operates by writing-off up to 100% of the cost of energy efficient equipment, before calculating tax on profits. Normally, this cost would be written-off over an eight-year period, resulting in a much poorer saving.


We provide service and maintenance contracts to the following industries:

– Supermarkets
– Pubs
– Restaurants
– Gyms
– Pharmaceuticals
– Health & Medical Sector
– Offices
– Retail Outlets
– Food Distribution Centres

Our suppliers include



I am very pleased with the service provided by Crosbie Group, and I am confident that our working relationship will grow in 2020 and beyond.

Damien McCabe Dunboyne Castle

Crosbie Group were recently recommended to us to install Air Conditioning in our store. On contacting Wayne he arrived on site that same morning to assess the store for a quotation. Later on that day we received a very reasonably priced quote. We sought quotes from other Refrigeration companies and we decided to engage the services of Crosbie Group. On selecting their services the team was in our store installing the Air Conditioning Units within 5 working days.


The team that looked after the installation of the Air Conditioning was very punctual, friendly and extremely professional. They made a huge effort to put the needs of staff members and customers first, carrying out a very clean job. It is clear to see that all of the team in Crosbie Group hold the same values of customer service and professionalism from the Director to both the installation team and the office staff. We would be more than happy to recommend Crosbie Group to other retailers.


Centra Kingswood