Dual Temperature Cabinets For Storing Wine Bottles

dual temperature cabinetsDo you ever feel the need for a single refrigerating machine that would two different temperature ranges for storing commodities that require different temperatures? Well to serve that very purpose, dual temperature cabinets exist.


And if you are looking for the best quality dual-temperature fridge in Ireland, you can stop looking now! Because we at the Crosbie Group happen to supply these fridges and install them at your home, store, restaurant, etc. 

Why Would You Need One? 

Most commonly people and businesses need a dual temperature cabinet for storing wine bottles and containers. As most kinds of wine are made to store in different environmental conditions, it is important that they are kept in their required temperatures. Or else they risk going bad. 


However, one might raise the question that you could just buy two separate fridges, why buy a dual-temp cabinet? Well, we could argue that it is far cheaper than investing in two whole fridges with different temperature settings. 


Just think about the versatility of one single fridge that has enough functionality to store commodities that need two different temperature conditions! 

Store Wine And Other Beverages

You could store wine, as well as, a wide range of other beverages in these dual temperature refrigerators. Or if you want you could store both together in the two separate compartments. That’s the versatility of these dual-zone fridges!

They Come In Different Sizes

Not everyone needs a gigantic size wine fridge and we understand that. So we offer these dual-compartment coolers in various sizes, which you can choose depending on your needs. 


We have large ones that are better suited for restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets. These typically also have more range for adjustment. On the other hand, we also offer smaller ones, for personal use, if that’s what you are looking for. 

Providing The Two Perfect Temperature Ranges

The best thing (or more appropriately, the only thing) about these fridges is that they offer two different temperature ranges to store your exquisite wine bottles in. Typically the temperatures range from 46 degrees F to 56 degrees F in one cabinet, and 58 degrees F to 68 degrees F in another. 


These are perfect for two different kinds of wine that need separate temperature settings to stay tasting magnificent in. 

We Also Provide Other Refrigeration Products

On top of these dual temperature cabinets, we also offer other refrigeration services. From supplying ice machines, supermarket cases, beer coolers, serve overs, chillers, etc. to installing cold rooms, freezer rooms, and temperature control systems. So, if you’re in need of any of those services, hit us up!

Have Us Install Your Appliances 

We not only supply these refrigeration and cooling appliances but also personally go and install them for you. So you don’t have to fret over getting installations done. 

Call For A Quotation Today!

So if you think you need dual temperature cabinets for storing your precious wine collection but are unsure about which to get, ask for a quote from us. Call for a free quote right now!