Get Yourself These Bottle Coolers From The Best Refrigeration Service

Bottle coolers

Bottle coolers are an essential for any foodservice business. Be it at a supermarket, a bar, a restaurant, a hotel, or any other place, you are definitely going to need a beverage chiller. If you were looking for such cooling machines and have not found one yet, you are surely in luck!


We, at Crosbie Group, happen to provide bottle coolers of all kinds for your needs. 

They Come In Various Shapes 

Bottle coolers are available in a multitude of shapes. Not only the shape but also the way of construction. Allow us to explain. There are certain cooling fridges that are a full cube, while others may be rectangular in shape. However, there are some that have a curved display with several shelves inside. These can actually also be used as a case for other items. 

And, Of Course, Sizes

Apart from the variation in shape, another more prominent variation that is noticed is the difference in sizes. You can get bottle coolers that are considerably large and can store quite a large number of bottled beverages. 


On the other hand, there are some that are on the more compact side. These can be as small as a microwave, and be able to store about 5-6 bottles without difficulty. 

There Are Bottle Openers Built-In

Most high-quality bottle chillers come with a bottle-opener that is built-in. Since many bottles are made of glass and come with those metal caps, a bottle opener is definitely necessary. We have a bunch of models of these cases that come with this little feature. We also have some that don’t come with one. So, you get to choose if you want this feature or not. 

Environment-Friendly Refrigerant

We are concerned about the environment and are aware that CFCs and HFCs are ruining it slowly but surely. We have decided to cut down on such refrigerants that contain these gases and only use the F-gases that are permitted and are not as harmful to the environment. 

Can Be Used In Stores And At Home

Like we said, we have some beverage chillers that are comparatively compact and seem like they could be used at home. So, depending on your requirements, you can opt for a large one meant for stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc., or a small one for your house. 

Don’t Worry, We Will Do All Installations 

If you are concerned about the heavy bills on installation, you can stop fretting over it. Here at Crosbie Group, we also have mechanics who will install all the electronics that you get from us.  

Call Us For Our Services 

So, if you want to get your hands on the best bottle coolers money can buy, be sure to hit us up. If you have any queries or want to benefit from any other refrigeration service from us, you can get a free quote from us


Let us know your needs and allow us to provide you the best service possible!