We Have The Best Quality Blast Chillers In Dublin

blast chillersDo you own a restaurant or hotel, where you might suddenly need to cool down a portion of food to very cold temperatures without much time in hand? Well, a freezer or refrigerator won’t cut it for this purpose. You need to invest in blast chillers


These bad boys are essential for such foodservice businesses. And that is why realize how important it is to be able to purchase one at a relatively affordable price range. To provide you the best quality blast coolers, we supply them from renowned brands and sell them at a budget-friendly price, here at Crosbie Group

The Best Tool Your Restaurant or Supermarket Needs

There will be times when you will have to rapidly cool down the temperature of a certain food item. Considering that you don’t have time to throw it in the freezer and wait, you will definitely need a blast chiller. 


Think of it as a reverse microwave oven. While the microwave heats up your food quickly to warm it up without much waiting, a blast chiller follows the same principle but in the exact opposite manner. It cools the food down to freezing temperatures depending on your needs. 


The benefits of using a blast chiller are that the foods retain the nutrients, have an increased shelf life, are protected from bacteria, and maintain their overall quality. 

Chill Your Food In A Giphy!

Although different blast chillers have different temperature settings, the core concept is the same. Once you put your foods in there, you can expect them to start becoming colder and colder till they are nearly freezing. 


Typically, these chillers can cool down a food item that has an initial temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit to a temperature of only 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If that is not convenient, we don’t know what it!

Why Blast Chiller And Not A Freezer?

As we previously mentioned, blast chillers work much faster than freezers when it comes to cooling down foods. They are more appropriate for rapid cooling as opposed to gradual and slow cooling down of foods. This is why you may want to choose a blast chiller over a freezer. 

We Provide Other Cooling Machines Too

If you thought we only have blast chillers, think again! We provide all kinds of refrigeration and freezing machines like ice makers, beer coolers, bottle coolers, island freezer cases, supermarket cases, serve overs, dual-zone cabinets, etc. 


We both supply and install these machines at your premises all over Ireland. So if you are interested in any of the other services, do let us know!

Hit Us Up For A Quote 

A blast chiller can most certainly be a great investment if you are a restaurant or supermarket owner, hoping to improve your sales. Blast chillers will help you preserve food items right on the shelves without getting rotten in a short time. So if you are interested in purchasing one, get a free quote from us.