The Best Retailer For Air Conditioning Services In Ireland

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Whether it’s for your home or for your office, supermarket, restaurant, hotel or gym, you are going to need ACs. Luckily, of all the electronics retailers in the country, the Crosbie Group is the most reliable for providing the best air conditioners in Ireland.


Supplying from three of the most renowned brands in the world, we provide the best ACs to our customers and clients in all of Ireland. 

We Provide Air Conditioning Solution For Homes

A small demographic of our customers are the people who buy ACs for their homes. While it’s not a big number compared to the businesses that get air conditioning done, it is still quite noticeable. 


People from all over Ireland order ACs from us, simply for use in their homes. So if you need one for personal use, we have got you covered

Get The Air Conditioning Of Your Office Or Workspace Done

Coming to the larger demographic of our clients, we have the people who get their office or workplace’s air conditioning done. A large number of supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, hotels, pubs, offices, retail outlets and even pharmacies use our ACs. 


Our customers not only get the best air conditioner in Ireland but also get the ventilation and servicing of these ACs. 

Air Conditioners From Samsung, Mitsubishi, And Daikin

We’re pretty sure you have heard of the name of these brands. If you didn’t know Crosbie Group is a D1+ premium partner of Daikin Electronics. When you buy the ones from Daikin from us, you get a warranty for parts, as well as, repairs for up to 7 years!


Apart from this, the Mitsubishi and Samsung ACs are also incredibly high-quality, and they offer the same warranty for up to 5 years. 

The AC Systems That We Provide

The best thing about our service is that we don’t simply sell ACs, we offer a variety of air conditioning services. Some of our services include Split Systems, Multi-Split systems, VRV systems, Residential Air Conditioning, Air Handling Units, CRAC Units, Heat recovery units, Heat pumps, Chillers, Ventilation, Comms Rooms, Pharmaceutical Incubator rooms, etc. 


So, depending on what your air conditioning requirements are, we’ll cover all of this for you without breaking a sweat. 

We Cover All Your Installations

Our expert engineers and mechanics go to your location to install your air conditioning systems without any difficulty. We cover all installation processes so you can rest assured that you won’t need to call in a third party for it. 

We’ll Also Cover Maintenance

Apart from supplying the air conditioners in Ireland and installing them, we also offer maintenance and servicing if you face any kind of issue with the installations. If you face any trouble within the warranty period, we’ll get the maintenance done for free!

Get A Free Air Conditioning Quote 

So, if you’re interested in getting air conditioning done in any city of Ireland, hit us up and get a free quote for your requirements.